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Because of the many requests  to purchase the videos Paint Along with Nancy Kominskyin appreciation to the many dedicated fans and followers of Nancy Kominsky over the many years, it has been decided to offer the US PBS series, at no charge until further notice.

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The following  23/26 x 30 min. programs aired on US Public Television in the  70-.80s. To view any of the programs click  the hyperlinked titles below to take you directly to PBS archives for viewing:

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1. ANEMONES – View program 30 min
2. BONNY BANKS – View program 30 min
3. STRAWBERRIES – View program 30 min
4. LILACS – View program 30 min
5. NASTURTIUMS View program 30 min.
6. LOW TIDE – View program 30 min.
7. RED APPLES – View program 30 min.
8. RAIN IN PHILADELPHIA – View program 30 min.
9. STILL LIFE WITH VEGETABLE – View program 30 min.
10. WHITE DAISIES – View program 30 min.
11. SNOW IN CENTRAL PARK – View program 30 min.
12. BREAKFAST ANYONE – View program 30 min.
13. SHRUB ROSES – View program 30 min,
14. WINE AND FRUIT – View program 30 min.
15. STILL LIFE WITH FISH – View program 30 min.
16. WIND ON THE MOOR – View program 30 min.
17. GERANIUMS – View program 30 min.
18. POPPIES – View program 30 min.
19. STORM ON THE ADRIATIC – View program 30 min.
20. LAST THREE IN TOTTERDOWN – View program 30 min.
21. SAN JUAN MOUNTAINS – View program 30 min.
22. GRAY DAY ON THE HUDSON – View program 30 min.
23. DAFFODILS ON WINDEMERE – View program 30 min.